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It is always incredibly rewarding to see improved levels of health and welfare in the equines I treat...
Utilising a combination of therapies to help improve posture, mobility and overall health
When I first started to treat Johnny I intially used the Masterson Method    to help improve his posture and mobility. As we progressed further sessions enabled me to introduce other complementary therapies.

"Julie started working with my horse Johnny around two years ago and I cannot think of a time when I couldn’t see a positive physical difference in him after our session.

"I initially contacted Julie to work on Johnny’s posture and mobility using the Masterson Method  , however, during the years, we’ve worked on many issues such as ligaments, circulation and digestive system and have incorporated energy work within the sessions.

"Julie has also been able to suggest natural remedies for my horse which I am trying out at the moment. My horse has definitely improved since meeting her and we now have a session every couple of months in order to do some minor adjustments.

"I think Julie is an absolutely positive person and will benefit both the horse and owner with her experience."

Johnny BEFORE 20200820_113329 small.jpg


Johnny AFTER 20200820_122709 small.jpg


Here's what his owner has said about our sessions so far:
Using The Tucker BioKinetic Technique (TBT) to improve the overall health of an elderly pony
I was called out to see Rufus. The owner kept saying to me, “I don’t think he’s going to get through another winter”. Rufus was retired and lived out in a herd of four. He had diarrhoea constantly, was very thin and looked poor.

"So what can an equine bodyworker do about this?” you may ask. Before I was introduced to TBT I would have said that too.

Before starting any treatment on Rufus I carried out the TBT Checkups to assess him – and he was stuck in most places. I went on to do the skeletal alignments first, and as I placed my hands on Rufus he went quiet and just lapped up the TBT energy.

I progressed and found the primary issue which was his stomach. This made sense to me, so I worked on that. Then I found his head was another Primary issue – but why would issues in the head be a primary for diarrhoea? I went ahead and sent the energy where it was needed, after all, the body knows what the Primary issues are, so I listen to that.

I have since carried out further treatments on Rufus and today he is very well and a healthy weight for his age, and his owner has stopped saying, “I don’t think he’ll make it through another winter.” The proof is in the pudding – he looks ten years younger today than when I first saw him.

rufus after edited IMG-20200630-WA0000.jpg
rufus before edited IMG-20181202-WA0002.jpg






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