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Essential Oils for Equine Health
Using essential oils to enhance mental and physical health & well being
All essential oils have the ability to strengthen the immune system and are detoxifying and antiseptic. They can be used as a preventative measure as well as aiding the healing process.

The mind and its state at any given time can have a direct effect on the body, manifesting as a physical symptom – you can treat the physical symptom but the root cause may be emotional. Oils are a means of bringing about subtle balances which help keep us healthy, both physiologically and psychologically.

Horses are foraging animals and in the wild they instinctively seek out plants that help to regulate their system and ease discomfort and feelings of ill health to heal and balance themselves.  The aroma of oils, which are the essence of the plant, are recognisable to the animal and they instinctively know how much they need.

Oils work on 3 levels; physical, emotional and spiritual. By offering oils via self-selection the horse will accept what it knows it needs at that moment in time.

Essential oils can be used on a self selection basis to help with:
  • Pain relief

  • Mental relaxation

  • Muscle relaxation

  • Inflammation 

  • Relaxation of the nervous system

  • Combatting stress and shock

  • Grounding

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