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Do I need an equine bodyworker?
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Is your horse really ready for work?
As we approach spring each year we are likely to ride our horses more often as the days lengthen and it becomes warmer – especially with summer shows and competitions around the corner. But are our horses always physically ready after being less active over the winter months, or maybe after a break from work?

Here are some questions you should be asking yourself:

  • Is my horse in good overall health?

  • Is my horse fit enough to compete or show?

  • Have there been any periods of lameness?

  • Has my horse had any time off work?

  • Could there be any imbalances that require correction?

  • Is my horse displaying any behavioural issues?

Any imbalances in your horse’s body may be indicated by issues such as muscular spasms or tightness, reduced joint movement or lameness. An imbalance could be caused by injury, trauma or overuse (including the formation of adhesions as the body’s response), or even something more simple like sore or unbalanced feet. Signals to and from the central nervous system that are linked to proprioception will impact how imbalances are physically displayed.

It is wise to have your horse assessed at regular intervals to check for restrictions that could compromise its comfort and movement, even if you cannot see an obvious problem. The release of muscular tightness can be essential for promoting good physical health and is especially important if your horse is being brought back into work after some time off, or after a injury – or simply as part of a general health check-up.

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